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Meet The Team At North Valley Orthodontics

At the core of our orthodontic practice is a friendly team of professionals that are dedicated to your utmost comfort and optimal oral health. We view each patient as a unique individual, and tailor each treatment to meet your specific needs. As part of our commitment to providing close, personalized attention to every patient, we encourage communication. We value and want to retain the trust you have placed in us.

As your orthodontic team, we want you to be confident knowing that we are a team of highly trained and skilled clinicians. We pride ourselves in providing the outstanding care you need to keep your smile healthy. To give you the best possible service and results, we are committed to continual education and learning. We all attend lectures, webinars, and conferences to stay informed of new techniques, and the latest in products and equipment.

Dr. Alyssa Levin

Songwriter/Producer (Orthodontist)

Dr. Levin completed her undergraduate training with a Bachelor of Science in Physiology from the internationally acclaimed McGill University in Montreal, Canada, and followed with her Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from the University of Western Ontario in London, Ontario. She then came state-side to pursue her Masters in Orthodontics from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Go Blue!

Dr. Levin believes strongly in giving back to and supporting the community she serves, so maybe you’ve already seen us in your children’s schools, the Boys and Girls Club, or on the Pinnacle football field.  

Favorite teacher:  Mrs. Wilcox, 3rd grade
Favorite childhood book:  Goodnight Moon
Favorite college class:  Psychology of pain
Coolest childhood experience:  Teaching blind children to swim
Dream job:  Orthodontist (of course!)  Prima ballerina is a close 2nd
Dream travel destination:  Australia/New Zealand
Favorite food:  Too many to choose one.  Definitely not olives or coconuts!
Favorite adrenaline rush:  Hiking Huron Peak.  My first 14er!
Sports team allegiances:  Toronto Maple Leafs hockey, University of Michigan football
3 things I can’t live without:  the Arizona sunshine, my passport, and happy hour
Favorite saying:  “Be the change you wish to see in the world”
Obsessed with:  Emojis :)

Board certified and re-certified by the American Board of Orthodontics
Arizona School of Dentistry & Oral Health Postgraduate Orthodontic Program Adjunct Faculty; former Clinic Director
Incoming Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontists Arizona Director and Board member (2021-2025)
Arizona Orthodontic Study Group Membership Chair (2009-2019)
Arizona State Orthodontic Association Past-President
Scottsdale/PV Study Club Past-President
Published author in the American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics and the Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontists Bulletin


Lead Vocalist (Business Administrator)

My passion for orthodontics was inspired by my orthodontist just after high school, when my own orthodontic treatment was coming to an end. 

Years in Orthodontics:  24
What I love most about my job:  It’s not “work” when you love your job! I love everything I do, from meeting new patients to watching their smiles transform.
What I love about NVO:  At NVO we care about more than straightening teeth, we care about each of our patient families as if they were part of our own. I have worked with Dr. Levin since the day she opened her practice. There is a noticeable difference in the orthodontic experience here.
My hobbies/interests:  Crushing Candy and doing cool nail designs
My connection to music:  Music is my happy place. I grew up on stage singing from the age of 5. Now NVO is my stage. You’ll almost always hear me singing.


Hype Woman (Chairside Clinician)

I was born in Seoul, Korea, and adopted when I was 3½ months old. I have lived in Scottsdale / Carefree ever since.

Years in Orthodontics:  25
What I love most about my job:  I love the interaction with people and being part of such life-changing experiences
What I love about NVO:  Our patients are not just a number. They are truly treated like family and get amazing, genuine care.
My hobbies/interests:  Camping, walking along streams, cards, board games, cooking, and playing with kids… I’m just a big kid at heart.
My connection to music:  Music is motivating and energizing… Not that I need any more energy (or so I’ve been told).


vocalist (chairside clinician)

My interest in orthodontics comes from watching my mother, who is also the business administrator here. 

Years in Orthodontics:  Since 7th grade! I used to help clean and process instruments after school, and it has evolved from there.
What I love most about my job:  Seeing the amazing things that orthodontics can do and how beautiful the smiles are!
What I love about NVO:  The team!  It really does feel like we are family, and there is never a dull moment.
My hobbies/interests:  I am a HUGE theater nerd, I love musicals! I also love playing with makeup.
My connection to music:  I've been singing since before I could talk. My dream when I was a kid was to be on American Idol because I love music and singing so much!


Vocalist (Chairside Clinician)

Little known fact:  I helped to train Patty back in the day.  So wonderful to be reunited after all these years!

Years in Orthodontics:  34
What I love most about my job:  I love to see such joy in people after all their hard work.  I especially love when dads see their daughters with their newfound smiles for the first time.
What I love about NVO:  My team.  Sweet, genuine people.
My hobbies/interests:  Singing.  I am not kidding.  How perfect could this match be?
My connection to music:  I belong to a wonderful choir group that meets Thursday evenings.  Music calms my spirit, takes me back in time, and provides pure joy.


Vocalist (Chairside Clinician)

Random fact:  My first boss in the field was one of Dr. Levin's mentors after she moved to Arizona.  She has a copy of his Masters Thesis in her office, that he gave to her.

Years in Orthodontics:  22
What I love most about my jobI love making personal connections with my patients.  I am so proud to be part of their orthodontic journey.
What I love about NVOMy work family is amazing.  I look forward to seeing them each and every day.  We truly enjoy one another, and together we make every day great!
My hobbies/interests:  Camping, 4 wheeling, and spending time with my 4 amazing kids.
My connection to music:  There is nothing better than a live concert!  If I had to pick a favorite genre, I would have to say Classic rock.


Opening Act (Patient Care Coordinator)

Cool Fact: When I was 22 I hiked the Appalachian trail by myself for two weeks. 

Years in Orthodontics:  1
What I love most about my job: Getting to know the patients and their families.
What I love about NVO:  Our team is unparalleled.
My hobbies/interests:  Creating art and hiking in the woods.
My connection to music:  Once upon a time I was a "garage band" queen.


DJ (Marketing Coordinator and Brand Ambassador)

Fun Fact: I grew up in Stuttgart, Germany 

Years in Orthodontics:  1
What I love most about my job:  Putting together our social media posts and gift ideas.
What I love about NVO:  Our dedication to creating great experiences for our team and patients.
My hobbies/interests:  Being outdoors and cooking.
My connection to music:  I used to play the piano and I'm really good at pointing out samples in songs.