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About Orthodontics

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All About Orthodontics 

Orthodontics is a specialized field of dentistry that focuses on achieving and maintaining the proper alignment of your teeth and jaw. With orthodontic treatment, you can achieve a beautiful smile and the health benefits that come along with it.

North Valley Orthodontics can help you obtain the healthy, straight, beautiful smile you’ve always wanted! Call us to schedule a consultation.

Orthodontic Solutions

For every alignment problem, there is an orthodontic solution. Advancements in the field have brought about many sophisticated methods for treating malocclusions, a hefty word used to describe crooked teeth. Malocclusions are very common due to biological factors largely outside of our control. Orthodontics gives us the power to maneuver your teeth to achieve a straight, healthy smile.

Orthodontic solutions are more comfortable and more effective than ever.

Before implementing treatment, Dr. Levin will perform a thorough diagnostic exam. She will take panoramic x-rays, study impressions of your bite, and conduct thorough visual examinations to determine the best course of treatment. Some of these treatments include:

Traditional Metal Braces- A traditional method that can straighten even the most crooked of teeth.

Clear Braces- If you prefer a more discreet treatment, clear or white ceramic brackets are a great option. This method delivers the power of traditional braces while being less conspicuous.

Retainers and Aligners- Clear aligners, like the Invisalign system, let patients straighten their teeth without changing their appearance or routine. Hawley retainers can slightly shift teeth over time just like the Invisalign system, and they also can keep teeth straight after orthodontic treatment.

Removable Appliances- In some cases, headgear is necessary to correct pronounced over or underbites. Most often, it’s sufficient to wear these conspicuous appliances only at night.

The Benefits of Straight Teeth

Orthodontics offers more than just aesthetic improvements. There are many health benefits to having a straight smile.

After orthodontic treatment, the risk of contracting gum disease decreases. Straight teeth eliminate the hidden areas and proximity to one another associated with crooked teeth minimizing plaque and tartar development.

Malocclusion correction will help to avoid strain on the muscles responsible for opening and closing the jaw which can develop into temporomandibular disorder, commonly known as TMJ. Once orthodontic treatment has properly aligned the jaw, people experience fewer headaches and sleep more soundly.

To learn more about orthodontics, please feel free to browse our site and call us with any questions.