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Braces for Teens

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Braces for Teens by North Valley Orthodontics

Confident teens become confident adults, making adolescence a great time to get braces. At this stage of development, permanent teeth have all erupted and are more pliable than in adulthood. Early orthodontic treatment gives your teen something to smile about, and a self-esteem boost that will last a lifetime.

Treatment Alternatives

Teens can be harsh with each other, and smile aesthetics can play a big role in social relationships. Because of this, Invisalign® has become a popular orthodontic option to provide your child with a cosmetically pleasing alternative to traditional metal braces.

As an alternative to traditional metal brackets, some teens are more adventurous and enjoy customizable brackets with unique shapes to choose from. They can also choose rubber band colors to match their outfits or liven things up with holiday colors. Teens love the opportunity for self-expression which contributes to a high success rate in treatment.

Take Care of Your Braces

Help your teen monitor their diet while wearing braces. Certain foods can damage the hardware, causing discomfort and possibly prolonging the treatment. Dr. Levin provides dietary information as a helpful guide for successful results.

Protect Your Smile

Braces can be uncomfortable, especially when first getting used to them. We provide dental wax to coat the hardware and protect your sensitive skin. If you play sports, request a mouthguard specifically made to protect your mouth and brace hardware.

Long-Term Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment

A smile that is aligned is like having an insurance plan for your teeth. Straight teeth are easier to brush and floss, reducing the risk of tooth decay and gum disease. With proper oral hygiene and professional routine care, your newly aligned smile will help give you the confidence to smile confidently through your school years and into your professional careers.

At North Valley Orthodontics we love working with teens to improve their oral health and help boost self-esteem by giving young adults something to smile about. Call us to schedule a consultation today

If you have questions about braces for teens, please contact our office.