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Braces for Children

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Children's Braces

Dr. Levin and the American Association of Orthodontists recommend that the initial orthodontic evaluation occur no later than age 7, or about the time of eruption of the upper permanent front teeth. Early detection ensures the greatest result while minimizing treatment time and expense. Dr. Levin provides complimentary initial examinations.

With x-rays and predictive diagnostics, we can determine if your child is at risk for developing a misaligned bite. For some, wearing braces as a child is the best option for their long-term oral health.

Some common orthodontic issues we correct are:

Crossbite – A crossbite is when the upper teeth bite inside of the lower teeth.

Underbite – An underbite occurs when the upper front teeth bite inside the lower front teeth.

Open bite – An open bite happens when the back molars touch while biting but the child’s incisors do not. This is largely caused by habitual thumb sucking or tongue thrusting.

Deep Bite – A deep bite is when there is an excessive overlap of the top front teeth. In these cases, the patient may even bite into the roof of their mouth.

Crowding – Many children have a crowded mouth at some point during the transition from baby teeth to an adult smile. Dr. Levin evaluates the child’s teeth and jaw bone to determine if orthodontic treatment is required.

Braces for Children in Phoenix and Scottsdale

Braces are sized to fit a child’s mouth. We realize each child presents a different situation and a unique set of circumstances, so a thorough oral exam will help us determine the best option for treatment. We consider oral health conditions and the child’s maturity level when presenting treatment options to parents. 

Traditional Braces – Traditional braces are metal brackets and elastic bands that slowly shift the teeth and jawbone into alignment. Many children like these braces because they can customize them with colorful elastics. Ask our team about our variety of colorful bands to personalize your braces.

Clear Braces – If your child needs braces but prefers a more discreet look, clear braces are a great option. These are similar to traditional braces in construction but use clear brackets and tooth-colored wires instead of metal ones.

Invisalign® – Invisalign may be an option for some children and is only recommended on a case-by-case basis. Anyone going through this treatment method must commit to wearing the customized trays at least 22 hours a day and be able to keep track of them when off. Older children and teens are considered for Invisalign treatment, but it may not be the best option for every child. 

At North Valley Orthodontics we enjoy working with children to create beautiful, healthy smiles. We have incentive programs and a warm, friendly environment to keep them excited and motivated throughout their treatment. 

If you have questions about braces for children, please contact our office.